Who are We?

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About us

Indian food, infused with spices and delicate flavors made from the right ingredients, delights not just the taste buds but that something more.

We always wondered why all the major food chains come from outside India? Why not an Indian origin brand which celebrates Indian food the way it should be? So, bubbling with enthusiasm to create something of our own, we set upon the journey to fill the void that we felt existed – Making ‘better’ Indian food available. Anywhere. Anytime. A made in India brand for sumptuous Desi meals.

Started in a rented room with two visionaries, today, Box8 is a team of 1200 plus managing 60 plus outlets across Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.  We control all aspects of supply chain, from procurement to product development till last mile delivery. Thus, ensuring excellence at each level and offering a delightful customer experience.

We hope to serve you soon 🙂

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