Who invented Wraps?

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Necessity is the mother of invention. It was indeed the case which led to the creation of Paratha Wraps.

Mothers used Paratha wraps to trick pesky kids into eating their meals and getting the necessary nutrition when they refused to have it any other way.

Commonly known as roli-poli  or paratha roll,  mundane vegetables were layered attractively and rolled up with a dollop of ketchup. On multiple occasions the vegetables and ketchup had to be replaced with jam and butter for the purpose of appeasing the children into eating home cooked food.

Now, that we don’t have to suffer through the mundane vegetables (even though we would love to eat anything cooked by our mothers), and we have evolved from Ketchup to Mayo and Chipotle Sauce, these wraps have gotten a different twist.

For instance, a BOX8 wrap has a Paratha base made of whole wheat and love (yup, it’s true), spread with exotic sauces blended with a desi jhatka. Loaded with farm fresh veggies and proteins it is rolled to create the perfect fulfilling snack. With a the plethora of varieties, you are sure to find your hunger’s match.

Bet mothers will be impressed to know that after 20 odd years, we finally eat our vegetables and paratha. That too willingly! 🙂

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