Box8 Launches ‘8 Minute Food Delivery via Drones’

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Don’t get disheartened. We’re not very far from making it a reality!

However, we still deliver super fast and ensure that delicious and piping hot Desi Meals reach you within 38 mins!

Here’s a 30% OFF voucher on all orders of Rs. 300 and above.

Use Code: OFF30

Till then, have an awesome 1st of April!

Get Delicious Desi Meals Now


  1. I thought it for was real and was really excited as such things have already begun in many countries and was proud we are joining the league. Sad, bad joke


  2. There was one by Dominos long time ago and I really thought you had truly managed to pip the rest of the delivery gangs. Guess, we will just have to dream on some more.
    You at least got the ‘many’ including me to ‘click’!!!


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