Turmeric 101: A golden spice with many lives!

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A big bold yellow colour and an earthy spicy kick to the curry
can only be given by 
a spice that has been a part of India
for centuries – Turmeric.

Originated in Asia over thousands of years ago, turmeric has been a part of ancient civilizations and finds its place in Ayurveda, Unani and Chinese medicine. Here are some facts about this everyday spice which will take you by surprise.

  1. India is world’s largest producer and exported of turmeric? In fact, as much as 80 to 90 of world’s total turmeric production and 60% of total turmeric export comes from India.
  2. Turmeric has a very similar appearance to that of ginger! Yes, you might just get confused. However, if you find yourself in a confusing position some day, simply break open a piece of turmeric or ginger. If the inside has a brilliant orange-yellow hue, it is turmeric. Ginger has a brownish color.
  3.  While some sources will tell you that ancient Assyrians around 600 BCE had knowledge of turmeric, you need to know that the Harappan Civilization (or Indus Valley Civilization) actually cultivated turmeric as early as 3000 BCE.
  4.  If you think that turmeric has just one variety, you are plain wrong. In India, there are several varieties of turmeric. Some of the most popular ones are Nizamabad Bulb, Sangli Turmeric, Rajapore Turmeric, Erode and Salem Turmeric and Alleppey Finger.
  5. Tamil Nadu in India has a city known as Erode. That city is the largest turmeric producer in this world. Because of this, the city also goes by the names ‘Turmeric City’ or ‘Yellow City’.
  6. Turmeric is one of the most power full and herbal  antiseptics. It can be used to disinfect, wounds, vegetables, meat, surfaces and pretty much anything.
  7. The first ayurvedic operation in India was conducted in Meerut where-in Doctors used ayurvedic herbs, such as turmeric instead of antibiotics during the surgery of an 83 year-old man who was not responding to allopathy medicines. The surgery was a success.

    At BOX8 we believe in the magical powers of turmeric and love the earthy flavour that it adds to our curries.  That bright fragrant yellow colour in curry is sure to make everyone salivate and make it a delicious meal 😉

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