5 Things All Spice Lovers Will Relate To

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There are 2 kinds of people in the world.  Those who can breath fire and those who can’t!
No, we are not talking about Targaryen dragons,  but are referring to those with Godly level of spice tolerance.   So, if you’re a fire-breathing dragon-human hybrid, you’ll totally relate to these!

1.   The pani puri Bhaiya can  never live up to your expectation of
“Bhaiya extra Teekha karo”

2.  Every restaurant you have ever visited, had to replace the bottle of hot sauce after your meal.

3. When there is a fire in your friend’s mouth, you go like
“Itna Bhi Spicy Nahi Hai”!

4.  No one can beat your over-reacting skills when you get only 1 packet of chilli flakes with your food!

5. You willingly take up all challenges of eating chilies and emerge victorious!

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