A Spice Or A Medicine: 7 Unique Things You Didn’t Know About Cinnamon

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Have you ever just taken a moment to whiff in the earthly smell of cinnamon? It’s pure heaven. Long prized for its flavour and medicinal properties, Cinnamon is one of the highest antioxidant value foods. It is extracted from the inner bark of several trees and is used in both sweet and savoury foods.

Here are 7 unique facts that we bet you didn’t know about this spice:

  1. A 2004 study found that the smell of cinnamon can boost brain function. It enhances cognitive processing and is known to improve a person’s attention, memory and visual-motor speed.
  2. During the first century AD, cinnamon was extremely expensive.
    It was considered to be a precious commodity given its high demand and low supply. To give a comparison, cinnamon was almost 15 times more expensive than silver! 
  3. A Roman emperor once torched insane amounts of cinnamon because he felt bad about killing his wife.
    The Roman emperor Nero accidentally killed his wife in a petty argument. In order to atone for this sin, he burned large amounts of the then, very rare cinnamon at the funeral pyre to show his wife how sorry he was.

  4. There are two kinds of cinnamon – the ‘Cassia’ variety from Indonesia and China and the ‘Ceylon’ variety that is considered to be the real, true spice from Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the Seychelles. Apparently, the Cassia variety that is more commonly used, is dangerous when consumed in large quantities and is risky for pregnant women. 
  5. Cinnamon oil acts as an excellent protection against bugs by effectively killing mosquito larvae. That’s why it’s an environmentally friendly pesticide and works great when you add a few drops to your sunscreen or lotion. 
  6. Cinnamon acts as a natural hair colour. Mixing a few spoonfuls of cinnamon into a paste with either honey or a conditioner and applying to your hair can lighten your hair.
  7. During ancient times, cinnamon was used as an embalming agent. It helped preserve the dead in ancient Egypt. Apart from that, according to the Old Testament, Moses added it to holy oil for anointing. 

Today, cinnamon has been widely used as a spice and is being heaved for its medicinal properties. Not only does it take care of your health, its smell and taste make it a very interesting addition to food. Cinnamon is commonly used in Indian cooking, specially for that earthy fragrance that it adds to food. Try some cinnamon infused curries at Box8 that pack a punch of flavour and deliciousness.

If you have any other interesting facts about cinnamon, do comment below and let us know. Cheerio!