11 Things Only A Foodie Will Relate To

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FOOD – The God of all things, the maker of me, and the sole reason for my existence. I believe that the only reason most of us were brought on this planet, was to experience the divine love of food. Food is the single greatest pleasure of life. I get that some of us love food a tad bit more than others but to be honest, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love food. Another reason for this could be the fact that if you are not a foodie, I have no reason to know you. Period.

If you are a foodie (you’ve got to be one!), you’ll completely and irrefutably relate to these 11 things.

1. For heaven’s sake, you can’t understand why people would diet!


2. To you, people in this world are divided into two parts – people who absolutely adore food and the people who don’t really exist.

3. Asked to pick between a really great night with your partner or a sinful, gooey, chocolate brownie, you’ll always pick the brownie.

4. Your life is a constant battle between eating food and losing weight. But, eating food always wins.

5. Bored, upset, disappointed or angry, there is nothing that good food can’t solve.

6. When you plan a holiday, the plan revolves around where you’ll find the most amount of food.

7. Your favourite time pass is watching food videos online and saving them for later even though you know you’ll never end up making them.

8. You love street food as much as eating at a fancy restaurant.

9. Dessert has a special place in your heart and your stomach. Even when you are full and someone asks if you’ll have dessert, you never say no.

10. You don’t like to be disturbed while eating. Neither do you want to share that food with anyone.

11. The only relationship that you have is with your food.

Nothing and no-one can compare to your love for food. At Box8, we all love to talk about food, make some exciting food and someday, want to be as awesome as food.

Well be back with more interesting stuff. Right now, gotta go and eat something. This post has made me hungry! Tag your friends whom you think are total foodies!