5 World Records Made By Desi Dishes

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When we think of a good satisfying meal, Desi dishes take the crown everytime. But did you know that multiple Desi Dishes have featured in world records as well? You will be surprised to know that even the people of remotest areas in India and parts of the world have left no stone unturned in doing larger than life things with everyday Indian food . Here are a few that are now part of the glorious Guinness World Records.

  1. Longest Dosa

    Will you believe that a 53-foot-long dosa was made in just 15 minutes! Well, you have to, as it has already made its way Guinness World Records. It was showcased in Ahmedabad, by a team of chefs at a restaurant.
  2. Biggest Chapati 

    World’s largest chapati was cooked by Shree Jalarm Mandir Jirnodhar Samitee organisation at Jalaram Temple, Jamnagar that weighed 63.99 kgs!
  3. Largest Biryani

    Think of Indian food and you can’t ignore the biryani. And now we have yet another reason to like it more as it has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records too. It happened when mouth-watering biryani was made with 12,000 kg of rice. It involved 60 chefs hanging on pole-length ladles to reach the depth of wok to prepare the dish.
  4. Longest Cooking Hours 

    Chef Vishnu Manohar of Nagpur made the record of cooking non-stop for 53 hours in the month of March this year. To create this record, he had practised at the canteens of airports and railway stations. For this record, he had designed a sequence of 20 recipes per hour, each weighing 100gms.

  5. Giant Samosa 

    Smashing all records, a king-sized samosa weighing 153.1 kg has earned the tag of being the world’s largest. The gigantic snack was made by a dozen volunteers from the Muslim Aid UK charity in London. Built on a giant wire mesh, it was lifted up into a vat of hot cooking oil before being taken out and weighed.

    Know anymore crazy records for Desi food. Share with us in the comments section.  While these foods make records for the size, we hope to make some for taste with our Delicious Desi Meals.