5 Biryanis of the Nation we bet you haven’t tried

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Caution: Read Only if Biryani is Bae

We have all heard of the famous Hyderabadi Biryani and may be even the Lucknowi version. But we bet that the most ardent Biryani lovers like yourself may not have tried these varieties!  Here are 5 lip-smacking non-conventional biryanis from different parts of India that are sure to make you question- where were they till now!

Ambur Biryani

Ambur is leather tanning city in Tamil Nadu. This tiny city is famous for making one of the best types of Biryani in Southern India.

#Fun Fact: Ambur has more biryani shops per km than any metropolitan city in the world!

Kolkata Biryani

The Nawabs of Lucknow were exiled in Kolkata after the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny. In days the of exile meat was scarce, so the Nawabi cooks added potatoes to the biryani. That is why, the present day Kolkata biryani contains potatoes. True example of necessity is the mother of invention.

Sindhi Biryani

Sindhis in India have truly given Biryanis a delectable twist of their cuisine. Of the many different types of biryanis, this is the only one that uses yogurt in large amounts.

Bombay Biryani

Every kind of food has a Bombay version and Biryani was not spared either! The Bombay biryani is typically sweeter and has more fried onions than other varieties. It has been adapted from the Irani biryani that is eaten with gravy. Slurppp..

Srilankan Buryani

Well, technically this is not India, but has desi roots. When the Tamils from India went and settled in Sri Lanka, they took the recipe of biryani with them. The first shop that sold biryani in Colombo was called Buharis. And the Sri Lankan biryani that is much spicier than any Indian version is thus called ‘buryani’. It’s getting hot…


Tahiri is an Awadhi dish popular in Uttar Pradesh. Many UP brahmins do not eat meat. That is why, Brahmins started preparing a vegetarian variety of biryani called tahiri. Happy Biryani to all vegetarians 😉


BOX8’s Paneer Tikka Biryani

For all Paneer lovers, we have created a special paneer tikka biryani with fire grilled soft paneer tikkas slow cooked with extra long grain basmati rice.

Know any other kind of amazing biryanis in India? Let us know in the comments!