7 Dopplegangers of Desi Meals around the world!

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Indian food has a vast intriguing history. Over the years, many of its recipes have traveled to foreign lands. Take the case of the humble Haldi Doodh which is becoming a fashionable drink to sip beyond our shores and is known as Turmeric Latte.  Here are the other 7 Indian foods which have been adapted over sees and are served with different names. While the debate of where they originated will always remain, for some we can happily say that they have been copies from India with fancier names.

1. Basbousa

The name of this dish is truly a tongue twister for this Egyptian dish. Want to hear what do we know it as>- Sheera!  Basbousa is Sheera — the Indian rava/sooji  dessert made in pretty much every state across the nation.  The egyptian counterpart is the baked version of sheera.  We are not sure if the sweet originated in India and then traveled to Egypt or it was the other way round. But the uncanny resemblance cannot be ignored.

2. Chamucas

The close cousin of our beloved  samosas. Chamucas are found every where in Lisbon.  Samosa is just the Indian pronunciation of  Portuguese Chamuca or vice versa, we may never know. Since, different kinds of samosas recipes have traveled to different places for centuries, we may never have the answer to it.

3. Tinadaloo

It is likely the Brits wanted to give a new name to Vindaloo — the spicy curry with vinegar and spices — so they named the dish Tindaloo. But what’s in a name? This dish is a distant relative of the Goan chicken Vindaloo, but Tindaloo is spicier. It is said the British living in Goa were so inspired by Vindaloo that when they went home, they made and sold it by a different name.

4. Phaal Curry

If a Punjabi samples Phaal Curry, he would lick his fingers and exclaim, “This is our very own chicken curry”  Except that Phaal Curry has lots and lots of red chillies thrown in .  Voted as one of the spiciest curries in UK, it finds its origins in Indian eateries/curry shops in Birmingham.  Is your mouth watering for some Phaal curry? Try the Desi version here.

5. Kedgeree

Kedgeree is nothing but the British version of the comforting, lightly-spiced Indian Khichdi. Traditionally, British Kedgeree is made of rice and lentils with spices and some dry fruits thrown in. The cooking method is identical to that of Khichdi.

6. Almond Brittle

Lonavala Chikki just got a new, fancier name. Almond Brittle has two major ingredients: almond and sugar. You can garnish it with dark chocolate, maple almond butter and sea salt.

7. Turmeric Latte

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a new latte that you (Indians) haven’t tasted yet! We have been sipping it for ages . Turmeric Latte is nothing but Haldi Doodh known for its soothing flavour and aroma! Quite a sophisticated name for the good old mummy’s favourite cough cure, isn’t it?

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