10 crazy facts you did not know about the humble ginger!

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While we all know about the taste ginger adds to food and the punch it gives to tea, there are many lesser known facts about it which are pretty intriguing. Here’s a list of the top 10 fun facts crazy ginger facts. Read till the end, coz as you go they keep getting more awesome 😉

  1. Did you know that ginger strengthens the immune system? It also keeps many throat and gastric troubles at bay.
  2. Ginger propels body circulation. In fact, it crushes fatigue and body aches.
  3. Ginger helps in shedding weight. Most importantly, it helps the body to absorb nutrients and regulate glucose levels.
  4. Adding ginger to meals after a bustling and hustling day, helps to calm your nerves.
  5. With ginger, your brain cells won’t be lost. Ginger helps strengthen memory and prevents onset of Alzheimer’s.
  6. The spice is greatly used in making non-alcoholic drinks which mimic alcohol. So all those who like to stay sober at a party can sip on their ginger drinks.
  7. Ginger is used to aromatize the liquid in electronic cigarettes.
  8. Ginger has been around for at least 3000 years in India and China (first and second producers in the world), in the 19th century it became more popular among rich European people who used it as much as salt on their tables.
  9. Ginger acts as an awesome mouth freshener.
  10. And lastly, ginger improves libido, opening doors to some happy and fun times.

    Bonus: Since Christmas is right around the corner, ginger can be used to make some awesome gingerbread cookies!

    If you know some other cool uses of ginger, tell us in the comments section 🙂