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Roti, Kapdha, Makaan

jab tak inme kuch twist na ho

nai aata hum Indians ko araam

India is a land of fusions. And why not? A land as richly diverse as ours craves for fusion. We need to add our desi twist to everything, and this my friends, is our USP. This twist is most reflected in something we are the most well known for. The thing we all live and die for. KHAANA– hamara sabse anmol khazaana. Here we share with you a list of some of the most wacky yet mouth watering fusion dishes of all time.

  1. Dosa Khakra

When this south Indian just couldn’t hold back his love for this Gujarati favorite, they had babies, and the word ate in awe. Sold at a famous Khakra conglomerate in Gujarat, these babies are relished by one and all.



  1. Bhelpuri Waffle cone

This culinary marriage between our street favorite and a fancy Belgian hot shot is another proof that food doesn’t discriminate.  As the piquant taste of the Bhel fuses with the mellow sweet cone we can hear our dil go hadippa



  1. Cheese and Avocado paratha

Bhangra may not sound appropriate in Mexico; maybe that is why we bought Mexico to Punjab. The butter soft Parathas are rendered a gorgeous green colour and the creaminess of the avocados. With the cheese oozing out of each bite you can feel your stomach doing that Bhangra in Mexico


  1. Gol Gappa shots

Remember how you get that jhidhki from mom every time you ask her to let you eat gol gappas with an already sour throat. Ab to bhai ‘flying chappal’ receive karne ke lie tyaar ho jao. The already chatpata golgappas are drowned in sour orange juice flavored with mint, black salt and lime. Adding to the twist are plums and mangoes stuffed into the crispy shell


  1. Masala coke

‘Opening happiness’ since years, now we add a delectable mystery to our favourite coke. Treat your taste buds to the tangy lemon and black salt dissolved in this black magic.

masala coke

  1. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Khushiyo ke ghar pe naya mehmaan aaya! Relish the moment devouring on the succulent half cut gulab jamuns placed on a delicious cheesecake. This fusion is sure to make you swoon over it


  1. Pizza Dhokla

Exploiting pizza in all ways possible we have finally come up with the pizza dhokla. This is a perfect combination of Dadi’s favourite and every bachas favourite. The soft dhokla base is topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and other palatable pizza toppings.

pizza dhokla

  1. Chocolate modak

Beta, man mein laddu phoota? The generic modak usually relinquished on occasions such as Ganesh Chaturthi is recreated with a sweet twist. The inner filling has been replaced by some delicious chocolate. This is for sure going to be a favourite parsad very soon

choc modak

  1. Gulab Jamun Ice cream

This heavenly combination is certain to have you craving for zyaada! Scrumptious Gulab Jamun chunks infused in Malai Ice-cream is like a dream come true. Relish this fabulous fusion right now, available at your doorstep, from BOX8

gulab jamun ice cream