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If someone asked us to define what being human means the only answer that comes to  mind is “to always search for something better“. There is always a better house, a better car, a better restaurant and so on. The real question is why should we settle for outdated waste disposal methods, when already there is a perfect solution right in front of us called Recycling. 

Fun fact: Did you that recycling a single glass bottle can light a 100 Watt light bulb for four hours!  

The simple act of separating the recyclable waste will help us go a long way in efficiently implement recycling on a larger scale. Key fact to remember is everything starts with you and we do our best to make it easier whenever you order your meals from BOX8. 

In addition to being visually stunning,  are reusable and 100% recyclable. From the card-stock sleeve that holds everything together, the boxes and meal trays, right down to the spoon.  Here’s a little more about the materials used.

  1. Recyclable Grade 5 (PP) –  All BOX8 containers are made using recyclable food grade plastic. Just flip over your meal box and tray.
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    Left to right : Grade 5 (PP) and recyclable| Food grade and safe for storing food | Microwave Safe

    The boxes are safe for food and microwave safe. However, the box can be microwaved once and should not be used as a microwavable container for subsequent use.  All spoons you get with your meals can be recylced as well.

  2. Recycled paper: All our paper boxes and meal tray sleeves are made with 100% recycled paper and can be recycled as well.
  3. Reusable containers– All boxes from BOX8 can be used for storage of dry food and other ingredients. One of our BOX8 users who is a gardening enthusiast, used it to even grow her plants!


The Packaging is not just for show.


We’re doing it in our own little way. It’s time you #TakeCharge too!