Awesome Taste with Minimum Waste #TakeCharge

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At BOX8 we not only deliver freshly prepared meals every time, we also ensure that there is minimum wastage. How do we manage both? Well, we have large team of data geniuses who have created a robust analytical model and process.

  • Finding patterns  : Our data analytics team observes the data collected for the past month and creates a predictive model based on the patterns of ordering and consumption. This gives us an understanding on what can be expected on a given day. This is done based on the day of the week, events and even peak ordering hours.
  •  Being Prepared   :  The predictive model is forwarded to all the outlets. Each outlet then gets to know what type of sales and the ordering patterns they are expecting for a given day .Accordingly the ingredients are ordered and the inventory is maintained.
  • Decisions taken   :  The central team monitors all the outlets. When the pattern deviates from the predictive model for any outlet, they make adjustments and adapt instantly. For example, if the outlet suddenly starts getting orders for their moderately sold products then the team will dispatch ingredients from the nearest outlet to handle the demand.

We are doing our part to minimize waste, now it’s your turn.  It’s been 68 years since our country took charge on Republic day.  Lets do it step by step in our own way. Time to #TakeCharge one step at a time!