Signs that Food is Your True Valentine

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Food in your dreams

Dreams for your food

If this is all you do

You just found your soul mate, dude!


If “aaj lunch mein kya bana hai”

Is your dialogue pet

If the money spent on food

Is something you never regret


If dates with friends

Are just meant to hog on food

If slapping someone for stealing a bite from you

Is no longer rude


If ‘bas one last bite’

Has become your favourite excuse

If plans that don’t involve food

You straightaway refuse


If you are always broke

But never for food

If your bucket list for all the foods you want to try

Is already queued


If the fridge has become

Your hourly pilgrimage

If while writing an exam

You can only picture a food image


If the smell of parathas wakes you up,

Instead of your alarm ka sound

Then yes my dear friend,

Your soulmate you have found!