Foodie’s Guide To Swearing

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Swearing nowadays is a part of our daily routine, I can guarantee by travelling alone one gets to hear more than a fair share of swear words. Anything can be an art form but none expected swearing to be one too.

The present is all about creativity, most of the preexisting swears have lost their bite and now mostly used as a joke. Sometimes you need to get up-close and personal to let the person know, you mean business without being a jerk!!

Anything can be an art form but none expected swearing to be one too.

Why don’t we leave the rude and insensitive swear words behind, shall we?

Foodies, the term associated with people who live to eat. Food is certainly precious to them and I being a foodie myself, pity the fool who tries to deny them their meal. Foodies have a thick skin, they answerable to no one when it comes to food.

So here are a few creative swears with enough punch to rattle any foodie’s cage,

  1. May your Biryani never have a chicken piece

Hinglish social-08

This swear will surely anger the chicken-lovers because for them Biryani is never complete without it. The swear is so effective, that if somehow the curse becomes real then my advice to you is to start running.

2. May half your biskoot always drown in chai

Few things are less annoying than a biscuit breaking down midway, after dipping it in tea.The broken biscuit melts into crumbs ruining the tea. Now you know the perfect swear to infuriate tea-lovers.

Hinglish social-05

3. May your magic masala spill while making maggie

The tasty, quick and easy to make noodles became a nation-wide sensation and forever reserved a place in our hearts.The kids love it and many adults feel the same.

What separates maggi from other instant noodles brands is the masala packet!!

Imagine the horror if someone by mistake spills the masala, then all goes to waste and I know there maybe ways to recover but that takes effort, which defeats the purpose of maggi. This swear will surely get a rise out of maggi-fans and use it at your own peril.

Hinglish social-06

4. May you run out of ketchup before the last two fries

Ketchup without fries is unthinkable, hence the perfect swear to annoy people who love ketchup and fries.

If only one fries is left, yeah you can eat it but when there’s two remaining then it’s a problem.The person,you cursed with this swear will forever remember your name, so you better be careful the next time you encounter that person.

Hinglish social-07

Bonus: May your Kit-Kat be broken before you unwrap it.

When it is Kit-Kat, half the fun is in breaking the twin bars into two lengthwise; but what if Kit-Kat was already broken? Kinda ruins the experience, doesn’t it? Never use this swear unless the person deserves it, because chocolate is sacred to foodies.



There you have it, fun and creative swears that will surely get the desired reaction out of every foodie. The key point is,the person on the receiving end knows it’s all in good fun.    Maybe they too will come up with some other swears and turning it into a friendly competition.