Cheat-Days Done Right!!

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Cutting those extra kgs and getting fit for summer requires dedication. We all know every bite of food turns into a math problem, the day we start hitting the gym.

However, gym is average one-hour of hard work and the rest is all about the diet you follow. More than anything else, sacrificing your favourite foods is the true manifestation of the age old saying of “No Pain, No Gain”.  Thankfully, everyone on a strict regime of gym and diet is allowed to have one day in a week as the cheat-day to eat good meals without worrying about the calories.  However, a cheat day also has a lot of limitations.

A cheat-day isn’t a ‘credit card with no spending limit’,  but it’s a slippery slope. So, don’t start calling your favourite pizza place yet, the cheat-day comes with its own terms and conditions.

If you intend to stay faithful to your goal, only one cheat meal is recommended. Indulging beyond the point of return, will render the entire week’s workouts fruitless.

Okay, didn’t meant to go full doom and gloom here but there’s a silver lining.  Since “treat your body like a temple” became popular, many innovative options popped up to satisfy cravings of the health conscious folks.

BOX8 has launched several healthy and mouth-watering and delicious Salads, Sandwiches and Wraps which are the perfectly delicious and guilt-free treats for your cheat day meals.

They are prepared with fresh vegetables, and generous amounts of a variety of proteins. Strict adherence to ‘Whole Wheat No Maida’ for wraps and ‘multi-grain bread only’ for sandwiches,  have been implemented so that you will never feel cheated. No pun intended 😉


The Superfit Paneer and Char Grilled Chicken salads are wildly popular. They’re made with a load of fresh cut exotic veggies tossed with grilled succulent protiens. The dressings are made fresh in-house. It’s your guilt-free perfect cheat day treat loaded with flavours.

Paratha Wraps

If you are craving carbs for your cheat day and you don’t feel satisfies without your Indian dose of paratha, then our Paratha wraps are your thing. Made with whole wheat paratha base, they’re stuffed with delicious fillings and baked in an oven. One wrap and you are will be thoroughly satisfied! ven Baked (NOT fried). Chicken Seek Kebab and Mayo Tikki wraps does the trick for most 😉

Sub-Style Multigrain Sanwiches

The sub-style sandwiches, made with multigrain bread are packed with your choice of proteins and veggies. You can choose from over 13 different varieties which are low on calories and heavy on flavours! The Paneer Tikka and Fusion Chicken sandwiches are a must try.

With these cheat day meals, it’s safe to say “Yummy in my tummy” will be the words in your mouth. Also, no disapproving looks from your trainer the next day 😉

Happy Cheat Day!