Man’s Appetite for BOX8 Dal Makhni Sparks Assault at Get Together

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The Mumbai City Civil Court has seen its fair share of thrilling and sometimes bizarre trials but the “Banta Singh vs Santa Singh” trial being held today takes the cake. In a “never seen before incident” as quoted by the witnesses, a peaceful and lively get-together descended into chaos after a brawl took place between two men over ‘BOX8’s Dal Makhani’.

Even the guests and police alike had a hard time accepting the reason. Later when the police released an official statement, the true story came out. The defendant Santa Singh, an avid fan of BOX8 meals went crazy soon after Banta Singh; ate the remaining dal makhani. Santa Singh claimed “I said dibs first before going to the washroom and by the time I came back, it was gone. Banta broke the ‘Bro Code’ !”.

Banta Singh refused to comment and despite his severe injuries, still ordered another dal makhani meal. The less than subtle attempt to provoke Santa was effective as the police had to restrain him; from going after Banta again.

When the question “what is so special about BOX8 Dal Makhani?” was raised by the reporters, the Company representative cheekily replied ”Try it yourself, it’s irresistible”

Stay tuned for live telecast of the trial and rumours suggest the defence lawyer is planning to use dal makhani; as evidence to plead “temporary loss of control” for Santa Singh.