How were Sandwiches invented?

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Aren’t Sandwiches just wonderful! They are delicious, hassle free and they double up as snacks or meals as and when we desire! But do you know how sandwiches were invented?

Sandwiches have their origin in England in 1700s, and the credit goes to Lord Montague of Sandwich. He was an ardent gambler and did not tolerate any disturbance during his game of cards. On one such evening, he commanded his cook to make something which could be eaten without distracting his game of cards!

The chef was a mastermind, and he slapped the afternoon meat and vegetables in between two slices of bread and created the first sandwich as we know today. Lord Montague could now enjoy his game and have a fulfilling meal at the same time!

The invention was so awesome that the word soon traveled across continents via travelers. Being a convenient and delicious food item, sandwiches gained popularity throughout the world.  Today, sandwiches are the most popular food item throughout the globe!

At Box8, we recreated this masterpiece to suit your flare for a good sandwich with a Desi tinge. And we have cracked the perfect recipe for the modern, progressive, and Indian taste.

Protein of your choice cooked in sumptuous Indian spices, is paired with farm fresh vegetables, drizzled with our secret sauce and laid between warm oven baked multi-grain bread.

So go ahead and grab a bite!

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