5 Woes Of Carrying Tiffins To Work

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Do you carry a tiffin to work? probably everyone does, given it is an essential part of our lives. Knowing how useful tiffins are, there are some major problems which come with using it.

Here a few issues with tiffins that we can all agree on,

Let’s face it, tiffins are heavy

No one likes carrying a bulky “dabba” every day to lunch,but what else can we do? Tiffins come in various sizes and materials, the ones made of steel are quite heavy compared to their plastic counterpart. Heavy tiffins on top of backpacks while travelling in a public transport is a struggle for sure.

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Spilling or the worst possible thing that can happen

This situation brings out the best in all of us..at least when it comes to swearing. Frustration is a massive understatement, firstly the main thing i.e.the food is wasted and if by chance you had the brilliant idea, to keep your tiffin near the documents then..ouch!

Plastic containers even though light and compact, the chances of spilling increases in case of curries and daal.

Choices do matter

Due to tiffins, you may not get the choice of food you want every-day. Sometimes you may even have to eat “laukey” or “karela”. And as the saying goes “your food depicts your mood”, no one wants to be bitter all day. Plain rice is plain rice, no matter how much we may wish for it to magically turn into Biryani.

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Cleaning or 15 minutes of phone time lost 

Cleanliness is another hassle, especially which bachelors have to face. After a tiring day at work who would want to spend our night cleaning our tiffin and utensils as the time could be better utilized watching funny cat-videos.

Grocery prices & preparation time 

Even after facing all the above problems the one thing that always melts our heart is the grocery bill. The half-hearted meal turns more depressing if the grocery prices shoots up. Granted no one can survive only on Maggi, though argument can be made because it’s delicious but buying the groceries and cooking meals every day, before going to work takes a lot of time. We do need our refreshing sleep, don’t we? 😉

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