5 Reasons Why 8Pass is the Right Choice!

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 We’ve got 5 reasons to show why 8Pass is for everyone.

Assured Savings: No more searching for coupons or offers. Get flat 25% OFF & unbelievable 2000+ savings for 60 days on next 20 orders. Bonus: No minimum order requirement

Variety:  You get to choose from 3 different types of 8pass,

  1. 8Pass trial: Save 300+ on your next 5 orders | Valid for 60 days | No minimum order.
  2. 8Pass plus: Save 800+ on your next 10 orders | Valid for 60 days | No minimum order.
  3. 8Pass pro: Save 2000+ on your next 20 orders | Valid for 60 days | No minimum order.

Easy Activation: Simply Log-in with registered email or phone no. on the BOX8 web/App and add the pass that suits you best in the cart. The card activates the moment it is added to the cart.

No Minimum Order Requirement*: With 8Pass you can order anything, regardless the amount! Though 8Pass is not applicable on Ice-creams, Sides, Drinks & Meals for 2.

More Affordable: Our Desi meals are affordable and 8Pass is also reasonably priced. So, extra expenses ko maro goli with maximum savings for 60 days at just Rs.199 only.     

What are you waiting for? Get your 8Pass now!