Look what’s got the Aliens talking!

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BOX8 receives an order from Saturn!

According to our sources, on 1st of May, something unexpected happened. Aliens tried to order a Paneer Makhani meal from BOX8. The delivery address which BOX8 received was from Saturn. This news has aroused questions like is there going to be an alien invasion? Can we befriend someone who is not earthly? Are the aliens trying to communicate? aliens – enemies or allies?

On 1st of may,2018 BOX8 employees were witnessing something fishy going on with their system. At exactly 2 pm IST BOX8 out of nowhere, they started receiving voicemails with a robotic voice saying “ Deliver paneer makhani meal, address – 8th moon of Saturn.” This message was repeatedly going on in the system. An expert team was called as everyone thought it was just a computer glitch. After investigating, they found out that the signals received were not earthly. They were transferred through Gama Radiation coming outside from the Earth’s atmosphere. This news created a havoc in the media industry and many media houses came to BOX8 headquarters to cover the story.

Soon a storm of buzz was created and scientist at various known research labs was paying a great deal of attention on both, tracing the Gama radiations as well as researching on food from BOX8 as why do people, as well as now even aliens, seem to like it. By interviewing BOX8’s spokesperson Ayush Gargh, said “ Surely it is a great achievement for us as well. We feel proud of the food which we serve though we might have to look at our 38 minutes food delivering policy before we start delivering to Saturn.”