Umbrella’s got swag

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Umbrellas are essential accessories that everyone should have for a rainy day. However, there is no need to wait for the rain to enjoy your umbrella. We have brought up some creative and alternative uses for your BOX8 umbrella

Walking Stick

All umbrellas might not have the perfect size and durability which the BOX8 umbrella has. Walk with high style down the street with your umbrella using it as your walking stick. Just like Jaddu ki Jhappi we have our Jaddu ki Chadhi.


 Photo Shoot Pro

One way to look really cool and bring a bit of the outside indoors during a photo shoot is to use an umbrella as a prop during your next photo shoot and an umbrella with such level of coolness will bring out some of the best pictures you will have.
3)Self Defence Weapon
Why should we carry lethal and dangerous weapons to keep us safe when an innocent looking umbrella can do the job. The durability and stiffness of BOX8 umbrella can come into handy in tricky situations. Now confidently challenge your friends and enemies “ Chal hath laga ke dikha”



Avoid unwanted social encounter

BOX8 Umbrella due to its large size and bright colour can help us avoid unwanted social encounters. How? Just open it and cover your head from the top until the person passes by. Now you know how not to face your ex in public.


A companion


Popatlal from Tarak Mehta ka Ooltha Chashma welcomes you onboard. Who needs a relationship when you have a companion and the perfect example is Popatlal and his Chahta! People who like to keep an umbrella as their companion BOX8 umbrella is the game!


There are so many creative uses of BOX8 umbrellas and these were just a few of them. If you haven’t got your hands on these umbrellas yet follow the link(link), Place an order and use code UMBRELLA (min order of Rs 198/-) and be a proud owner of a funky yet useful umbrella.